The Equal Night Trilogy

The three Great Mothers formed a circle in the sand: Ocean, mother of fire; Beatrice, mother of air; Vivienne, mother of water. Their arms locked like wings, protecting the One. Mystical texts regarded the Mothers as the great secret of the world, but the biggest secret was the one the three Mothers kept: They were not the creators of the earth but the protectors of her truth.

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Alchemy's Air


Now that Skylar has discovered her life’s purpose within the pages of the ancient Book of Sophia, she knows what she must do: restore a vital memory to the Akashic Library, located deep within the Underworld of Earth. 

This library is sought after by a select few, for they know the future of human potential rests at its core.

Meanwhile, Devlin Grayer has been elected as the forty-sixth President of the United States. His wife, Milicent, is miserable in her new role as First Lady-especially because the Great Mothers have asked her to use her new status to help their cause, and she has no interest in tackling the task. 

With the help of friends in the unlikeliest of places, Skylar’s journey reveals the significance of the darkness within all of us, and its potential to save or destroy the most precious part of us all: our soul.

β€œIn this captivating and explosive story, Skylar must make choices that will indefinitely alter her own life and the lives of everyone around her.”


Ocean's Fire


Sky of Water

The final installment of the Equal Night Trilogy will put Skylar to her biggest test to date. Taken by Magus through the alchemical door in the Quine library, she quickly remembers her strange surroundings and the reason she’s been brought back to the First Age. Here, she will have to rely on her own magic to navigate the overlapping timelines that will allow her to rewrite history. But if she’s not careful, she could destroy it completely.

Back home, it will take every one of those she loves to execute Ocean’s plan.

Argan has the biggest role among them, assigned the impossible task of retrieving Skylar, something he’s been training for his entire life.

Meanwhile a woman now sits in the Oval Office as the corrupt scaffolding of the US government collapses around her. Mica Noxx has a vision for the US, one that returns it to the original intention of the Founding Fathers. In the culmination of the Equal Night Trilogy, with Skylar held in the First Age and Mica planted in current day, they have one shot to banish the darkness that’s held control for millennia, and return the United States to its trajectory as the New Atlantis.

Skylar's Journey

Excerpt from Alchemy's Air

“Have you truly sacrificed?” Diana asked. “The road to destiny is not true unless paved with great sacrifice. Your rune will mend the Akasha with one final act.”

 “Sacrifice? Are you kidding me?” Skylar could feel her blood heat up within her veins. “My mother is dead because of this quest.I live the rest of my life without her. That is the biggest sacrifice of all.”

Now it was Diana’s turn to anger. “I’m so sorry you lost your mum, how horrible for you. I lost my life at eighteen and took innocent lives with me. That couple had a small child. Think of her, that girl that has lived her whole life not knowing either of her parents.” Her eyes shot to Suki and then back to Skylar. “You talk about sacrifice but you are selfish! There isn’t a person walking the earth that doesn’t feel the sting of loss. True sacrifice is in the courage to move forward in the love you give, not the loss you bear.”

Skylar stood in disbelief. She was being scolded for mourning her mother.

“You are not mourning, Skylar,” Diana said, reading her mind. “You are consumed by the cross you carry. A true warrior grows big enough to absorb it and become more than an old story.”



Skylar & Argan

Skylar and Argan forged their divine connection when they were eleven years old. Reunited in college, they pick up that connection with an added bonus of a little heat. True love doesn’t last long as mistakes and secrets along the way create distance between them. But they have a grander purpose than love and must find a way to work together. In the end, they must make a choice, to part ways or to learn to forgive through love.  

The Great Mothers

The Great Mother of Air Beatrice

Is the woman Skylar has always called Grandmother.

Her elemental is the sylph

Her strength is her capacity to influence human thought

Her weakness is love (the only great mother that loved a mortal man)

The Great Mother of Fire Ocean

Is the most entrapped in Skylar’s mystical transformation.

Her elemental is the salamander

Her strength is her cunningness

Her weakness: She’ll never tell you

The Great Mother of Water Vivienne

Is the most elusive of the three and the one Skylar must figure out to finally unravel the great mystery of our time.

Her elemental is the undine

Her strength is her patience

Her weakness is her pride

The Book of Sophia


Excerpt from Alchemy's Air

She turned and looked back at the beauty of the Underworld. It contained a lost magic desperately needed to reawaken the world above. She knew for certain, the darkness of Diana, of Lucifer, heaven and hell—they weren’t outside of us, they are us. The good and the bad, the duality of our existence is necessary for wholeness. Once acknowledged, everything opens and bows to human potential.




Excerpt from Alchemy's Air

“The act of sexual intercourse is the human desire to unite the two aspects of our being, regardless of sexual orientation.” Origen said. “Each one of us has both of these principles within us and we seek balance. It is in sexual union that we look to complete ourselves and connect to the love force we desperately want to return to. Sometimes one is stronger, then it reverses and the other takes over. It is the dance of two becoming one.” He stood up in the circle. “There is tremendous heat generated during sexual union. We use our bodies to transmute energy, we are alchemists!” His excitement rose. “We create life with this magic!” he shouted. “But creating life is just one result of sexual energy. It’s actually a very small one. Most of the time, the energy of a climax dissipates, wasted in the act itself. But I ask you, what if one never climaxed? Where would that energy go? What would you create?” He pointed around the circle. “Worlds! I tell you! Worlds!” He shook his fists at the ceiling.