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Stacey L. Tucker

Stacey Tucker used her fifteen years of field research in women’s history, spirituality, and energy work to create her three book series, The Equal Night Trilogy. The romantic fantasy story combines science and spirituality in a relatable way for the modern reader. Tucker’s first book in the series, Ocean’s Fire, took Gold at the Living Now Book Awards, and she’s making magic again with Book 2, Alchemy’s Air. She has written for Women’s World, Working Mother, and Pop Sugar, and speaks to teen groups about self-empowerment and awareness in today’s saturated climate of social media.

In April of 2005, a book called to me from the overstuffed shelves of The Center for Hope waiting room. My mother had just died the December before, and I was starting bereavement counseling. I was 32.

My Story

Erroneous Zonesby Dr. Wayne Dyer was that book. And for weeks, I ignored its whisper. It sure was persistent. With each visit to the Center, it grew louder. Then one day when I couldn’t stand the blaring scream of that book any longer, I took it off the shelf and flipped through. Then I put it back.

I don’t do self-help. 

This process happened a few more times.

“I’ve seen you look at that book more than once,” my counselor said. “Do you want to borrow it?”

What a foreign concept. “I can do that?”

“Of course!”

That book changed my life. It spoke to me in the way only a book can. It acknowledged my deepest fears and told me I was still worthy. It spoke to me as if it were written for me. Because it was.

That was the start of my journey of self-healing. I was unleashed into a world where I was in charge of my healing, my growth, my happiness. It was daunting and exhilarating all at once.

The Power Within

Four years and at least a hundred books later, another gem shook my belief system. The Power Within You by Eric Butterworth opened my eyes to the divinity within me waiting for the opportunity to shine. The idea of our Innate Divinity rang true to me. We are each born with the gift of the Divine within us but it is our job to nurture it, heed its Wisdom and share what we learn with others.

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"Tucker’s gift for dialogue asserts itself often… A romantic fantasy series starter full of intriguing concepts from science and spirituality.”

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At the heart of Ocean’s Fire is a coming of age story that asks the question, "Once you learn the truth, what are you going to do with it?"

Tell us about your book.


In the past 15 years I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge about the intricate dance of the body, mind and spirit. And I look forward to the lifetime of learning still ahead.

In 2014 another book came into my life and shifted my focus. Goddesses in Older Womenby Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. This time a book piqued my curiosity about a topic I knew little about…women’s history. This was something I should be educated about, I am a woman! This led to three years of in-depth research on such topics as mythology, religion and world cultures. The outcome of that research was my first fiction novel, Ocean’s Fire. Fiction seemed the right place to marry research and creativity. I now realize that was just my first step. The Universe was whispering again but I couldn’t hear it.

“What was that?” I kept asking.

 “teach,” it said. “teach,” “teach,” “teach,” “teach,” “teach,” “teach!!”

“Ahhh, now I hear you.”

The Great Divine has a wonderful way of keeping us on course for our soul purpose. We can be active participants or be dragged kicking and screaming until we surrender. It’s up to us.

There are documented milestones in a woman’s life where mythology, psychology and spirituality overlap on our search for meaning and renewal. Midlife is one of the big ones. We’ve raised our babies and now look to the future where we can make ourselves a priority. But we have no idea what that means, or how to do it. Our unique time in history affords us the means to live any life we imagine and no road map on how to do it. We are the trailblazers called to recreate the definition of Woman. Or I should say resurrect.

Through my research I uncovered a vast font of information about the ways of the Ancient Woman…Goddesses they were called. It was a time when women were revered, sex was sacred, and magic was real.

We’ve been through hell and back in the last two millennia. Women are ready to take back the life they know deep down in their souls they deserve. And I am proud to share the Wisdom I have gained over my dozen years of research and road testing.

When we are ready, we are led to the tools that we need on our journey through this life. We just have to be open to recognize them. If we push them away, they will keep at it. The Universe is in no rush.

That longing in your heart wants your attention. It’s only going to grow louder. And when you’re ready to take action toward fulfilling that desire that only belongs to you, I’ll be here.