Wonder...to be filled with admiration, amazement or awe. (Also a movie I can't wait to see. I cried multiple times over that book.)

In our rational, frenetic world, we can oftentimes miss the wonder, especially around the holidays, which is ironic as this is supposed to be the very season of wonder. It takes a bit of effort to stop in the moment and admire life unfolding before you, but well worth it.

Last week I traveled to Toronto behind a woman who made it very apparent that she hated Air Canada. In her opinion it was a dreadful airline and she couldn't believe the level of their inadequacies. The gate attendant made her check her entirely inappropriate carry on; one flight attendant couldn't serve her coffee because the turbulence was extreme and unsafe for hot beverages; and the other incredibly unsympathetic attendant asked her to adhere to plane safety and return her seat back to the upright position, multiple times. I had to laugh at all the huffs and groans. At every turn, this woman looked for her fight and she found it.

I, on the other hand, was so unbelievably tired from the day before, I had completely surrendered to the process of air travel...no body scan opt-out for me. I witnessed another passenger's "female opt-out" and let me tell you, she was not happy.

I entered the same situation (air travel) from the standpoint of surrender and had a vastly different experience. This was the weekend before Thanksgiving, mind you. It was as if the Universe opened the way and I glided right through. I dare say, the trip was enjoyable. I took the opportunity to greet everyone I met as an actual person instead of a nameless entity bent on making my life hard. It was incredibly empowering. I had the capacity to create my experience. Granted, nothing went wrong but maybe that's the point. In my openness to accept whatever came my way, I had a bit of Divine help. From that standpoint, I noticed something amazing...wonder. I glimpsed the love of a new mother cradling her baby in her Bjorn. I saw two lovers reunite with a long kiss. And I saw a TSA guard help an elderly person in a very sweet act of kindness. The airport is a fishbowl for humanity, the good and not so good.

I learned a great lesson on that trip. You find what you look for. In any moment in the day...Christmas shopping, at the holiday table with family, or in airport security line, you can find the fight or find the wonder. I choose wonder.