Trilogies and Triathlons

Trilogies and triathlons...two things I never tried, until I did. I had no experience writing fiction but I had a mission-to uncover truths hidden by history and to remind people of the unlimited potential of the human spirit. Those drivers kept me on an uncharted path, only seeing a few feet in front of me until I picked my head up and they were done.

Now, I take on a different animal- an extreme physical endurance challenge. It's similar to writing a story that spans three books. It's not possible to wait until the last minute and just show up, I'll never cross the finish line. The goal of finishing an Ironman happens every day. Every day I have to get in the pool or go for a run or get on that bike. If I don't do it today, I wont see my finish line a year from now. 

Both projects require discipline. Something I claim not to have. I've always been impulsive, I'm a Scorpio for goodness sake. But I must have it in me somewhere to complete a trilogy and to set my eyes on an Ironman finish. What links these two is a desire to see how far I can get. It amazes me how most of my life I said "I can't" or "I'm athlete," when I hadn't ever tried. There is no failing in this. Six months in, I'm already different and if I never competed, I'm already better for it-in better shape, quit booze, seeing the fruits of my efforts. Physical challenges are good for everyone, no matter who you are. The body is the temple for the spirit. I had claimed to be spiritual for fifteen years yet neglected my temple for just as long. Only in doing this physical work can I see how intricately they are tied. 

It is my wish to inspire you to tri(!) something new. Tri something you couldn't imagine finishing because the secret within you is that you can finish. I know Yoda said there is no trying, only doing. I get that. I like to see it as there is no failing, only trying. The success is in the willingness to step out of your comfy place into new situations. We are on this planet to be a spark of the creator and that means living boldly and taking risks. 

Our society gives us very narrow parameters of success and they so often stop us from trying. Did I want to sell a million copies of my books? Sure but was that my definition of success? I hope not. I had to write the story that my heart wanted to tell. This race has a similar end game-there is a finish line to cross. Success and failure are black and white. Three thousand people sign up. Twenty-four hundred show up. I figure I'm already ahead of those six hundred no-shows just by getting up at 4am that morn and getting to the starting line in my wet suit. 

When your WHY is strong enough, your How shows itself. This is my mantra. Your motivation matters. It will keep you going during the bleak times, during the bad reviews and tears in the pool. Your WHY is the message from your heart, the one you should listen to and give it a TRI.