"There's someone I forgot to be..."

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Can you feel the rush of energy of the new year? I certainly can. And it is most welcome. In 2018, no one escaped an ass-kicking from death, divorce or depression-the three D's. And now we are left to pick up the pieces of our lives, forever changed. The question is How?

2018 as a "2" year represented partnerships but it's shadow was much more vocal. 2018 emerged as a year of duality and we saw it everywhere in the 'us against them' landscape of the outer world and of the inner world. The global mess was constantly in our face. This was deliberate. It forced us to look at our own shit. Where were we apathetic, where were we less than doing our best? Where were we judging others on a global and individual level? I have my list, including the time I thought I was too busy to help the guy in Fairway who spilled the box of cereal everywhere. Afterward I thought I should have helped that guy. I wasn't too busy. I want a do-over with that guy.

2019 is a "3" year and the interpretations are as varied as those writing about it. From those I love the most, I have read it's the year of "the Magical Child" (White Wolf Journeys-love her!!), "Divine Manifestation," "the Trinity in all it's forms," and I love those themes. Trinity in particular as I changed it a bit to Trilogy-of the Equal Night Variety. As an aside, when did we start attaching themes to years? It's like naming a hurricane.

So I thought I would jump in and attach the theme "Freedom" to this year of 2019.

We are evolving as a collective and as individuals, breaking free from the way life used to be. Material gain and exploitation of our home planet and her creatures is losing its grip and in its place is a feeling of compassion and a desire to serve others.


We have been conditioned to fear what is within us. Our religions tell us we're sinners, our society tells us we aren't enough as is. Those are old stories quickly fading in the broken rear view mirror. Only the inner truth of your heart knows the answers you seek. And to connect to that you must get still. If you take time every day to sit in silence, you will hear the voice in your heart guiding you to your best life.


Creativity with purpose is the action item for the year ahead. The Divine Feminine energies are permeating our world, anchoring in by this summer. There is monumental change on the horizon for the country, the world, and for you, ready or not. No one can stay the same. It will get increasingly more difficult to live our same lives. This year is your opportunity to plant your seeds of how you want your life to grow.

  • The restlessness you feel is your inner self telling you it wants attention.
  • Boredom and depression are signs of a disconnect from your potential.
  • Saying you're too busy for personal growth is the ego's way of avoidance. What time sucking activities can you curb to make the time for what really matters?

This is the year to break free of old stagnant ways to design the life you came here to live.

Give the gift of inner exploration to yourself this week. The new moon on January 6th is an excellent time to write down your accomplishments of the past year and celebrate them. Then write down your deepest desires for the year ahead. Is there someone you forgot to be last year? What does uncovering that person look like to you? For me, I wanted to conquer YouTube. In 2018, I forgot to make any videos. I talked a good game but produced zero. Sooooo, on my list this year is a roll over (totally allowed) to conquer YouTube with a promise to make one video a week. That seems manageable amidst hockey schedules for my son and oh, dear Lord, baseball season. I love you baseballers, you know who you are.

There is also a full moon, total lunar eclipse on January 21st. The total solar eclipse is in July. So January and July of this year are packed with potent energy to help propel you in the direction your heart wants to go.

I freak out about once a month thinking the world is passing me by. And it is. I have a ton of insight to share from the life I've lived to date and I believe the world would be better if I share it. If the world at large accepts it, great, if not, great. I officially relinquish any attachment to outcomes of my efforts and trust I am fulfilling my purpose.

What gifts can you share with the world? I want to see them. The world wants to see them!!

2019 is your year!!