The Turning Tides of Spring

I don't know about you but I'm tired of the hate. Yesterday I read that Hate Groups are on the rise (six of them in my home state). Everyone in this country is so polarized on absolutely everything, hating others for one reason or another. It's exhausting.

What happened to f-ing joy?

I love learning and listening to forward thinkers, especially in the spiritually space, but lately they all annoy the hell out of me. (Hmmm...I'll have to re-read the part about tolerance of others). How are we to be so spiritually evolved when we're wallowing in the shit that's become our lives? Then I caught the end of some doof head's youtube rant that we create our reality. It's an axiom I've touted hundreds of times but then I thought I didn't create the hate groups, I didn't create the degeneration of society as we know it. But then maybe I did.

The idea of creating your own reality needs clarification. Yes, I believe we create our own individual success and failure but we also must navigate the collective reality that we all create as One. It's the kick you in the ass, dirty little secret of the create your own reality movement. Unless you are levitating in a cave in Tibet, you can't escape this pothole infested road we call life that we share with the hate groups, and ascension junkies, and everyone in between. No wonder my son has been struggling with insomnia. I can only assume he's feeling the effects of the heightened stress of the collective madness.


So what's the solution? I wish I knew. But what I do know is all of the karmic debris that's been lurking in our closets is spilling out at an alarming rate, forcing us to look at our shit! Any unhealed trauma or shadow issue from your past is getting drudged to the surface to be cleared. It is come to Jesus for all (just in time for Easter!) And if you ignore it, don't worry, it'll get worse…

Some things that have helped me other than an aside, drinking as a coping mechanism will no longer work the way it once did. We are in a cosmic cycle of detoxification, and alcohol will cause many more problems than it will solve.

Crying-I have wept so much in the last two months I can't even tell you. For varied reasons as big as the loss of young life (or not so young) to as small as a rip in my favorite t-shirt. Women just can't stuff their feeling down anymore. It isn't working!! The release of tears is vital to healing. Our culture thinks it's weak. That's bullshit. Here's your permission slip to cry. Vulnerability is the new black. Wear it proudly.

Breathing-stress causes shallow breathing. I'm doing it right now. I have a quick trick: 5+5+5. Breathe in for 5 seconds. Hold for 5 seconds. Breathe out of your mouth for 5 seconds. If you can do this in a quiet environment, great, if not do it where you can. Your breath is your connection to your spirit. It gives you strength. Use it.

Recognizing when your shit is yours or your mother’s. This topic is a whole post in itself but much of the baggage we carry as women belongs to our mothers. Their fears and unrealized dreams are passed on to us to carry onward. They mean well, but the beliefs and judgements they implanted in our brains all our lives color the world we live in now. There's that creating reality thing again. Maybe this is my mother's reality I'm living. Typical.

Forgiving-this too is a whole post but I'll touch on it briefly. The divine Brené Brown said "to forgive is to let something die." This is profound. We are all holding on to the way we wish things were. This has to go. The spiraling chaos of our current society has to die to bring in the new world Mother Earth is birthing right now. The wisdom to do this is in each one of us but first we must release our death grip on how we think things should be…

The question then becomes, how can I shift the energy I'm using to lament where I've been wronged, toward creating something new and worthy of my light?

Forgiveness of others and of self is a process, but for now, let's plant the seed that the imaginary ship of perfection...theirs, ours, and that of the collective, has sailed. Acceptance of others, no matter how different, is one of the reasons we are on this planet.