Opportunity through Crisis

I got so excited, I had to share...

Despite the news and disappointments from canceled events, we can only stay down for so long before we grow tired of our lives on hold. I do agree that a mandatory quarantine or more time at home is an opportunity to go within and get the answers from a higher authority, the wisdom of our hearts. But it's looking like the vast majority of people aren't interested in that so I offer another alternative.

Astrologers have been predicting this for years and here we are. One sentence from a recent post from Astrolada really resonated with me and shifted my perspective immensely:


That's what all Dark Nights of the Soul are, an opportunity for transformation, for growth. It's up to each of us to take action one way or another. We can be glued to the news and perpetuate the victim mentality mindset or we can use the time at home to chart the course for our next steps. 

I sat in my prayer chair this morning to do just that. I tapped into the energy that's waiting to be acknowledged, asking for a card and three flew out onto the floor. How perfect were these cards??? The world is in a time of REGENERATION, renewing itself which we all knew but how nice is it to see confirmation. The key will be RESILIENCY. We are being called to be strong, we have it in us! And CREATIVITY is the super power within. It will birth ideas to help our new world flourish. The question is "How do you want to be a part of the new world?" What problems do you want to help solve? What beauty do you want to contribute? It all matters. Your contribution matters. 

This too shall pass. And the question you need to be asking yourself right now is what do you want your life to look like after the winds blow this behind us? Or this just becomes part of our new normal. Coronavirus could go away or become as commonplace as the flu, we don't know yet. Last night I was thinking, every day people are still dying of cancer or getting hit by cars. There are other deaths happening in the world that we just accept. We can choose fear or love. Either way, wash your hands.