Mother Mary Reminds Us We are Supported

As the holiday season grinds on, it's easy to get lost in a spiral of to-do lists. I actually resist most of it and escape into mind numbing solitaire. I know it's because my mom died on Dec 29th and for the past decade and a half, the end of December is a reminder of the hole left without her. I do a good job of glazing over that hole most of the year but December shines a light on it I can't ignore. 

I think for many of us, with moms or without, oftentimes we feel unsupported, having to be strong, go it alone, taking care of our own families. "I'm good," we say most days even when we're not. But no matter how old we are or how loved we were as children, we still need maternal nurturing.

Over the past few months I have developed a deeper connection with Mary. She comes in many forms, not just Catholic Church Mary but any representation of the Divine Mother. She can be Isis, Kali, Spider Grandmother or many others depending on your cultural background. My book series was dedicated to the Divine Mother that supports us in all ways, including Mother Earth. Fire, Air and Water are essential elements on our planet and in our personalities. I actually love my Fire now when I rejected it for so long. I guess that comes with age. Loving yourself and your "imperfections" is a by-product of the wisdom age brings.

I love this oracle deck (in the picture) by Alana Fairchild and I highly recommend it. Whenever I use it, the messages I receive are nurturing and help me feel loved unconditionally. And that's the key...unconditionally. No matter what we've done or not done or felt we've fallen short in some material way, Mary loves us as we are. She sees us try and knows the importance is in the trying, not the succeeding. 

In this picture, I have Mary Magdalene's card too. She's a whole other blog post and much more. Mary Magdalene helps us embrace our bodies and our sexuality in an ancient but relevant way. I'll save that for next time. ;)

When you need support, this season and beyond, I invite you to call on Mary. She is waiting to answer. 

Much love and support this holiday season,