Mining For Gold

I thought February was supposed to be relatively quiet but there is so much going on this week: the Olympics, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, all so festive.  

I’ve caught the Olympics here and there and it’s beyond inspiring to see the stories of those that have worked all of their young lives to compete to achieve their dreams. Watching Shaun White and Mikaela Shiffrin create a new definition of what’s possible was magnificent, and it got me thinking. Yes, they’ve both nailed the formula of preparation + skill + sheer will = success. But it's also apparent that they’ve connected to the alchemical magic in us all, Divine Potential. Call it fire, call it passion, it’s the energy that drives a person to action despite obstacles and adversity.

And that’s really what’s at the heart of the Olympics. It’s a reminder to us mortals that fire is within all of us and when we connect to our Divine Potential, magic happens.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that each of those Olympians started as a toddler with a dream. But I find myself asking the question, what if you weren’t four-years-old when you discovered your life’s purpose? What if, like the rest of us, you were thirty-four? Or sixty-four? What then? Is there hope of gold and greatness when you start down a new path later in life?

I firmly believe yes! I’ve reinvented myself many times in my life and have discovered that gold comes in many shapes, not just round. As women, we hold a very real, very magical elixir of Divine Potential. Men have their own action-oriented divine process, but women are true alchemists. Like Glinda the Good Witch, we carry the magical DNA to turn the ordinary into the precious. We take a fertilized egg and grow a child for heaven’s sake!


We also have the power to reinvent ourselves as many times as needed when one aspect of our life doesn’t fit anymore. It’s important to honor that Divine voice calling for growth outward and inward.

So here I am reinventing myself yet again, honoring my Divine Potential within. I’ve always tried to encapsulate my writings with an empowering, motivational spin and I will continue to do that but my sights are set higher and lower. I am shifting my focus to teach today’s families about the various branches of the spirituality tree and how to connect to the Divine Self while living in our material world. I have studied so many of them over the course of the last fourteen years and my Divine voice is beating me over the head with the message that I should be doing more to share what I know.

Sometimes spirituality has a religious connotation but this is incorrect. Traditional religion has historically placed divinity outside of the individual, whereas true spirituality isn’t outside of self. It is a process of developing a relationship with your innermost essence.

That's why I love the ancient art of Alchemy. It is the sweet spot for me where science and spirituality cross. We are all alchemists creating gold if we have the tools for transformation and reinvention, and I look forward to sharing those tools with you.

If that’s not your jam, I respect that and wish you well. But if you have an interest in opening the door to the alchemical world of your innermost divinity and stepping into powerful new ways of being, I look forward to the journey with you!