Listener's Gate

Hello to you all!

I was so fired up about my impending book release last week that I was remiss to include information about the May full moon. And it's a biggy!! The moon is full for the east coast at 6:45am on Thursday May 7th (and the energy is felt for the day before and day after.) It is the most powerful full moon of the year. It’s in Scorpio which is the deepest, muddiest water sign but remember the lotus blossoms in the mud. There is an opportunity for great healing work, an opportunity to release old stories that no longer serve us.
If you have a moment, light a candle as a representation of the light within you shining bright and healing your old wounds and the old wounds of our earth. You have enormous power to effect change with your focused intention and attention.
Deep truths (internal) or secrets (external) may come up in your life right now. Nothing is staying hidden anymore. On a collective level, that’s what we are seeing play out but it’s also happening to each of us individually.
Listener’s Gate
I’ve been getting so many messages from Spirit in my hazy state as I’m first waking up in the morning, I’ve started writing them down. A few weeks back I heard “listener’s gate,” which I didn’t understand but now I realize it’s a greater opportunity to receive information from the Universe. I LOVE THIS! I've always received messages from Spirit, that's how I wrote a lot of my books, some may call it Imagination. It is the magic within and without that we can play with and use as guidance. But this new connection in the morning is a whole new level. I'm so excited!!
Today I got the message “while I stay unconscious, the world stays unconscious, while I abuse myself, the world gets abused.” 

I admit this particular message is not exciting or fun but needed and so spot on. It didn’t come from me!! Ha! I do hope you’re open to this because I am so excited to share it with you!! And it’s spot on because I had an aha two nights ago that’s been bothering me. I remember back in the 80-90s there was all the focus on animal testing for cosmetic products and so many took heat and so many changed their research practices. I foolishly or naively thought that all companies had. And then I forgot about it for 20 years!! OMG it's not 20 years, it's 30 years...I can't even.

I know what the leaping bunny means but I’ve let myself go unconscious about my product purchases. The other night I was dabbing under my eyes with my new favorite product and the wave came over me-animal testing? I researched it and low and behold, they are not a leaping bunny company. Shit! To put it mildly. I love this product but now, knowing what I know, and remembering what I remember, I can’t buy it again. I will use up what I’ve got as I see it as my current dream cream but I can’t financially support this company as they blind cats with their products.
I would love to know how you are leveling up during this quarantine. I’ve been enlightened to industrial farming through a horrid instagram video from WeAnimals that had me crying for three days. I’ve been enlightened to the plight of prisoners through the Compassionate Prison Project, thank you Janet Aspen, and now the reminder of animal testing for consumer products. It’s almost too much. No, it is too much. I’m not sure my heart may ever recover but I know the best way to help is through purchases-meticulous purchases of humane food products and leaping bunny cosmetics. No more Clairol for me. And Dove soap! I love Dove soap. Ugh. But Unilever is cold and heartless and only branding love and compassion through marketing. Like I always thought Haagen Dazs was an actual brand from a quaint town in Switzerland, not Brooklyn. These are the truths that are surfacing for me, it must be this moon.
Sending love and hope for good times ahead,