Igniting Sophia

Dearest Sophia,

Thank you, my muse-you were the catalyst for my transformation. The idea of you changed my world, opened the door to a new paradigm and I am forever grateful. I am a different person since uncovering you. I have grown into the women you hoped I would be. I have more to go, for sure but I’m getting there and embracing the journey, knowing who I am in this moment is enough.

You ignited in my heart a fire that will never die, you gave me wings and roots, you washed away all the ideas that I was less than. You taught me wholeness and love and faith. You are inspiration and information. You are the part of me so lost for so long but now found and celebrated.

I have kept you close for five years, birthing your story and now I release you into the world to ignite the hearts of others. I promise to do the same. I promise to shine your light on the passions of the world-to make it better, to make it brighter, to live as the creator meant for us to live-shining as bright as the sun.