Here We Go!

It was just about a year ago I was writing down my intentions for 2017. I had taken a vision board workshop with the brilliant Brooke Emery and she instructed us to write a letter dated January 2018 looking back at all we had accomplished. It was career specific so my letter focused on my accomplishments relating to my book, Ocean’s Fire and I’m happy to say most of my goals came to fruition.

One did not… I had written in my letter about my appearance on the Today show, promoting my book and talking with Matt Lauer about the rapidly changing landscape of America.I wrote this line in my letter…

“Paradigms are crumbling before our eyes Matt. It’s about time, don’t you think.”

My internal dialogue and my letter never waited for his reply. But suffice it to say, he probably would have feverishly tried to disagree with me. :)

I have two thoughts about this…one, maybe I have untapped psychic ability I should explore, and two, it reminded me that I may have all the plans in the world but if they don’t fit into the Grand Divine Plan, it ain’t going to happen. And that’s okay. Many other wonderful accomplishments popped up that weren’t on my radar that I didn’t even know to ask for. I didn’t get the Lauer interview but I got a half dozen articles published in amazing outlets. I’m happy to take that trade.

The Universe wants to give us more than we can humanly understand and most certainly more than we think we deserve. Somewhere in 2017 I finally learned to be open to the flow and the unpredictability of life, even when I don’t get what I want. I’ve learned there are better things waiting.

No one is immune to the intense energy shift going on in our world. We all feel the strains of a new normal being created. The old way, one of secrets and denial and oppression is rapidly dying. What has been no longer works. Change is scary and exciting. We are being called to create a new way of being, a new way of loving, a new way of teaching our children.

Take ten minutes this weekend to reflect on what went right in 2017, even if the only thing you can think of was a really good haircut in February. Give thanks for that haircut! Gratitude is the first step toward abundance. Moving on to 2018, take another ten to write down your intentions for the coming year. Statistics show (from some mysterious gaggle of locked away statisticians) that people who write down their goals have an 80% greater chance of achieving them than those who do not. Use the power of your imagination to dream about how you want your life to look December 31st, 2018 when you’ll reflect on all that went right this year.

I wish you an abundant year ahead filled with joy, love and much laughter!