Aries New Moon

No matter the plight of things, the earth keeps spinning. And the moon keeps rising.  I went out for a run today and drivers are still dicks but the flowers are coming up so that helped offset my annoyance.
Today starts the New Moon in Aries. With a new moon comes new opportunity. It’s an invitation to see things differently. I’m working on seeing the drivers differently but it’s work.
There is huge creation energy this week - one of the biggest weeks of the year. Be mindful of what you are focusing on-it will magnify in the weeks ahead. I know what you're saying-there's nothing to focus on but the downward spiral but I'm here to remind you there are alternatives. At the beginning of this madness, I checked the news hourly – that was a fear-based environment. Now, I’m down to twice a day. I like that much better. My day is now creating an on-line course and writing and playing with my kid and listening to music and forgetting what time it is. Have you lost track of the date? Or the time of day? Has your schedule up-ended? These are all good things. The calendar and the idea of linear time was put in place as a control mechanism and we are loosening that grip of time. I, for one am enjoying it. I understand there is great stress in the world from the closure of almost everything. I get that and I pray every day for those people who now don’t have jobs. This post is for those that may have an opportunity to see your new lighter schedule as a good thing.
I’m using this new moon energy to reach out to those I haven’t connected with in a long while. And I mean long. And it feels good. Just a quick "hello, I’m thinking of you" could make all the difference in someone’s day. That’s part of this cosmic lesson – releasing past hurts and choosing to remember the good. If a handful of us do that, we move our whole human race forward.
I’ve been sending love to all the families I’ve been a part of. People I loved once. Can you think of someone from your past that might need a smiley emoji from you? Or, if actual contact isn’t appropriate, can you send them love in your daily prayers? There is enormous power in our thoughts, in our focused attention. That's why the virus has us in it's grip, but that's another post. For this one, if you choose to send love into the universe, it heals.
These small actions will heal our planet. Because love is what’s truly under the iceberg of pain we’re all carrying. And when we melt it just a little, we are rewarded with an open heart. And an open heart has room to let more love in and it expands and the circle continues. It all starts with small actions from you and me.
The other side of this lockdown is an opportunity for a renaissance of sorts. We have no choice but to be creative with our time and our hands. My son is customizing every white sneaker in our house. And it’s awesome! Someone who never embraced art has blossomed into a sneaker hydro-dipper. I am thrilled. 

The darkness we are in is an opportunity to see the truth more brightly. 

I wish you a creative and inspirational new moon.