Are Safety and Freedom the same thing?

There are many commonly held definitions of safety. The go-to’s you’d think of-our warm homes in winter, our cushioned bank accounts, our families. And all of those are true and reasons to be grateful. Many don’t have that version of safety in their lives.
But the idea got me thinking, what else is safety? The dictionary says it’s freedom from the occurrence of injury, danger or loss. That’s interesting. The dictionary says safety is freedom. My heart hurts today because my son’s heart hurts today. And as a mother who wants safety for my child, I want freedom for him more. Are they the same? I want him to know he is safe in the world, no matter the outward appearance. The media wants us to think the world is worse than ever. That may be their version of the world but mine is that we live in a universe that wants us to be free and happy and to trust that there is a divine plan to absolutely everything no matter how it looks from our small view. And our view is small. The paradox of being human is we are divine beings more powerful than we can comprehend yet we are only allowed to look through a pinhole. Our job is to expand that pinhole as much as we can. That involves taking risks, being curious and open to new points of view and finding a new definition of safety.
Because it’s easy to get locked behind the old definition of safety. The idea of it becomes a prison, preventing us from going out and taking risks, especially as we get older. Freedom from loss is a fallacy. The lessons in our earth school are harsh and it’s challenging to stay open to the beauty of life when so much is bent on shutting us down. That’s why we love human spirit stories. We know down deep, we are stronger than the adversity in front of us.
So, I now agree, safety is freedom, but not freedom from loss and injury but in spite of it. Loss is another word for change and that is inevitable. The impermanence of life has loss baked in. And in that is the invitation to expand and become someone new-freedom to transform.

I invite you to see a new definition of safety…trust in your own transformation. The roots of your past are like this tree, giving you wings to fly now.