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The Equal Night Trilogy

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A Writer Speaks

I help women find their inner compass. The art of story asks us to flex our muscle of imagination. Imagination is where the magic of our existence truly lives. It is my mission to inspire and educate through the magic of storytelling.

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"The author has come up with a truly unique story and in a world where everything seems to be a rehash of something else that’s no easy feat. I also really appreciate a strong, intelligent female lead, which is an important aspect of this trilogy."

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Stacey In The Press

SciFi Talk Podcast

Interview with author Stacey Tucker about her fantasy series, The Equal Night Trilogy, that has many cultural influences and her new book Alchemy's Air.

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Rising Shadow

"Our memories also change with time. You've experienced that, yes? They talk of time healing all wounds. But time can freeze wounds just as easily."

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Speculative Fiction

Speculative Fiction: an all-encompassing genre that describes stories of science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history that have an element of “What if...” in them. 

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